summer daze


we’re drowning in this heat and i’m searching for cold places to forget about the way it sucks the breath from my lungs and sends me running for the shade. it’s a sauna, a level of hell, some tropical paradise the gods forgot. we’re living here like we always have and again and again i am trying to forget, trying to forget the heat. trying to forget.

i’m filling my time with people but none of them are you, none of them ever could be and you’re still asking for forgiveness and i cannot help but think about you among the rest of them. your chain is around my neck and my hands search for it like a sinner searching for salvation, a drowning man looking for a solid surface. it’s always in my fingers. you’re always in my hands. always in my thoughts. touching you is like touching fire and dancing naked in a pit full of tigers and i swear to the stars above i’m turning into ice, i’m clad in the cold like armor. but you melt me, you always melt me.
you always do.

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