accidental magic


i wandered the misty smoking haze of the duskturnedtwilight night approaching land that’s reaching the sky with branches armed to embrace the dark. the world full of sound explosions, now silence of dayoff and never ending call of the small worlds around us sight unseen – crickets cicadas frogs crying at the same time into white noise blur of a background.

i wandered mellow lit concrete paths of heat emanating to slither between flesh and cloth and undressed to meet the air. steps eating distance with mind a muddled blur of patriotic nonsense and nothing lovehateamerica freedom. work it out. what is what isn’t melting into it doesn’t matter even when it does because this is what it is. reaching again and again understanding that you might not always love the family you’re born to but they’re family nonetheless. sense of community in solitude, sense of eternity in single second moments sliding out into endlessness. blur, blur, blur into exhaustion.

and then home again.


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