into the rose garden



time present / and time past / are both perhaps present / in time future

everything is suspended in the here and now, this golden sand, this undying sun, this certain wind, this heaving sigh of wave after wave after wave. the better times are far away from others. you walk into the water, heedless of the wet and foam. i’m watching you, dreaming of cold coastlines and fireplaces up north, of solitude and isolation and comfort. there is a companionship between us, a firming understanding that rolls silently beneath our standard banter, now quiet. the ocean has dwarfed us and we fell silent in respect. my mind is tossed out to drift between present and past and future and i am replete with the fullness of it all, all that we have been, all that we are, all that we will be. there is an endlessness that frightens and exhilarates, bolsters. emboldens. we are not who we were, we are not who we are going to be. we are learning to accept the one day at a time. ten years behind and infinity in front of us.

you are teaching me to smile more freely. i am teaching you to breathe more easily.

we are so much possibility.

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