stomach ache

CRW_5577i want to say, i was born a witch. i want to say, i took to magic like water, air. a mother’s comfort on the darkest night. i want to say, over and over, do you believe in second chances?

we are on the dew damp grass. there is a halo around the moon. our fingers are playing cats-cradle with each other without the impediment of string. we are staring at the sky. i want to share all my secrets with you. i hold them in my chest, broken glass and smoke. there is honeysuckle and something headier on the wind. there is blood under my nails. there is a storm coming, still only on the horizon. we’ve anticipated it all day.

i want to say, i was born to ruin. i want to say, i don’t understand why you carei want to say, help me prove myself wrong.

this silence feels like comfort. this silence feels like suffocation. this silence is the only thing holding me together.

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